High Alchemy

Launched by Susan Sokol and Suzanne Zikas, High Alchemy is situated in SOHO at 584 Broadway between Prince and Houston Streets. The showroom has 4,500 square feet of open showroom space that features a lounge bar for guests to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The showroom will focus on a highly curated group of emerging and established designers, both domestic and international, in women’s fashion and accessories. 


Woolly Boolly is a collection of wonderful creations made from the finest yarns & hand knitwear.

The company employs an all female team of knitters in places with a long tradition of knitting, such as the Andes in Peru and Bolivia, a village and the city of Sarajevo. Their care for artisanship and quality in their product extends also to the women who hold the precious skills to make their designs real.

Just as each woman sitting with her needles turning yarn into soft dreams, each one of Woolly Boolly’s handcrafted pieces has its own inflections and personality.


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