High Alchemy

Launched by Susan Sokol and Suzanne Zikas, High Alchemy is situated in SOHO at 584 Broadway between Prince and Houston Streets. The showroom has 4,500 square feet of open showroom space that features a lounge bar for guests to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The showroom will focus on a highly curated group of emerging and established designers, both domestic and international, in women’s fashion and accessories. 


The Lazy Poet is a creative team of friends with the determination of being genuinely happy, doing what they love and enjoy every day. Each print & each design has a story to tell, inspired by people who like to feel effortlessly cool while being home or traveling the world indulging life’s pleasures. The brand is passionate for quality in all the manufacturing details and work with high quality fabrics.

The Lazy Poet donates a percentage of their earnings to support children’s education in Colombia, as they believe education helps break the cycle of poverty.


For more information, please email us.