High Alchemy

Launched by Susan Sokol and Suzanne Zikas, High Alchemy is situated in SOHO at 584 Broadway between Prince and Houston Streets. The showroom has 4,500 square feet of open showroom space that features a lounge bar for guests to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The showroom will focus on a highly curated group of emerging and established designers, both domestic and international, in women’s fashion and accessories. 


Founded in 2014, Jeffrey Levinson is a luxury American accessories brand. Led by its high-impact, hand-painted pieces along with its clean metallic finishes in bright, hand polished chrome and 18-karat gold, the collection has been a success from the start.

Precision and excellence form the core of Jeffrey Levinson’s approach. To achieve its uncompromising designs, the company relies on the latest technologies and some of the most talented artists and artisans working today. 

Not only is Jeffrey’s designs decidedly American, drawing on the vibrant roots of American culture to guide the creation of new, exciting and relevant pieces, the company is also headquartered with its manufacturing base in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jeffrey Levinson is sold in the finest stores within North America.


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